Lion-Ringed General Jar

Xu Yin


The shoulder of the vessel is wide, with a proud, thick chest. It carries prestige, like a tiger or bear at their most powerful. The big round foot stands steady. The two lions harbor movable rings in their mouth. This movement denotes agility, but with a strong disciplined focus. They are dynamic and powerful, yet at the same time tranquil and unmoving in resolve. The vessel’s lid is in the shape of a general’s hat, signifying both authority and a solemn temperament. It stands at attention, soldier-like. It symbolizes the power a leader has ...


Height: 41cm (16")
Width: 27cm (10")


Natural Longquan clay, glaze stone, throwing

Please note: slight color variations may occur due to the complexity of accurately photographing the color of each celadon piece.