Huā Gū Vase

Xu Yin


This vase is characteristic of the ancient Chinese Gū wine vessel from the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The Gu has a distinctive trumpet-like mouth and the Confucian virtues of simplicity and elegance are symbolized by its quaint, dignified and steady stance. The three segments of the Gū Vase with the fat middle and protruding lines are skillfully pieced together, a classic representation of crafting techniques from China’s bronze ware period. The technique made this vessel exceptionally durable. This piece is crafted by conforming to ancient and extr...


Height: 31cm (12")

Width: 18cm (7")


Natural Longquan clay, glaze stone, throwing

Please note: slight color variations may occur due to the complexity of accurately photographing the color of each celadon piece.