Porcelain originated in China, with celadon being the first example of this invention.
The Longquan kiln and its traditional firing technology of celadon originated between the third and fourth century AD, sometime between the period of the Three Kingdoms and the Western Jin Dynasty. It is a world-renowned kiln, most famous for its celadon ware. Longquan kiln boasts such accolades as the oldest functioning Chinese kiln, the widest distributed sites, the highest quality wares, largest production scale and the greatest export market in Chinese pottery and porcelain history. It was during the Southern Song Dynasty of the twelfth and thirteenth century AD, that the craftsmen of Longquan pushed their celadon firing techniques to its most unparalleled peaks.

Traditionally, Longquan celadon is divided into two groups. The Ge (Older Brother) Kiln and Di (Younger Brother)Kiln. The Ge Kiln will feature celadon with a paper-thin base or be glazed with jade-like thickness. Other pieces may include a glaze with a natural network of fine cracks, have a purple mouth or iron foot. A grayish-black base is another example of Ge Kiln celadon. Di Kiln celadon is primarily based on a white body with a cyan or bluish-green glaze. It has a gentle luster, with a crystal-like or moistened texture reminiscent of an emerald. Among the colors synonymous with the Di Kiln glaze, the soft blue plum green shade is the most sought after. The glaze of Longquan Kiln reflects the blue and green of nature and corresponds with the Chinese philosophy “to commune with nature”. Longquan celadon is celebrated as “man-made jade” and its characteristics are the epitome of oriental aesthetics. It is simple yet elegant, tranquil and implicit in style and contemplation.


Longquan’s firing technique was selected onto the ‘Human Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative” list upon the approval of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in September, 2009, becoming the only selected member representing ceramics, and in this position, receiving much admiration.